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  Welcome to the Plum Crazy Garage!
Plum Crazy Garage is home to a couple of MOPAR fanatics! Just what you'd expect from two former Chrysler engineers.  While we specialize in the restoration of 60's and 70's Mopar Starters and Alternators, we can also help with all aspects of the restoration and/or repair of your classic vehicle.  We're in Mesick, Michigan.  See our ad in Mopar Collectors Guide and also at RestorationSource.com

A Plum Crazy Garage restoration
Contact us at 231-389-0018
or by email at chuck@plumcrazygarage.com
Plum Crazy Garage Shipping Address

9640 W 28 Rd
Mesick, Mi.  49668

Please make sure that we know that you are sending something to us. If we know it's coming, we can be watching for it so it doesn't get lost