Mopar Starter Restoration
Date correct starter restorations.  Send us your Mopar starter and we will rebuild and restore it to factory original appearance and function.  If you need a starter, we have a large inventory with casting dates from 1962 through the mid '70's.  The price for our gear reduction starter restoration service is $275 plus the price of the core if you do not have a structurally sound core.  Direct drive starters are $300**. The price of the core is dependent on the quality of the casting and the relative availability of the part number and date that you need.

What our service includes:
**  All new bushings
**  New drive
**  New brushes and brush holder
**  New drive cover
**  Any other parts required to make the unit perform to it's original specs. (Note that these additional parts may be new or used depending on availability. All used parts will be reconditioned to original appearance and function)

We completely disassemble the unit to clean, test, and inspect all parts. The armature housing is media blasted and painted black.  We clean the gear housing using a non-abrasive cleaning process. If necessary, it is then coated using a process that we have developed in conjunction with a couple of retired materials engineers. This is not a paint, it is closer to a plating and it almost perfectly reproduces the original appearance.  We then reassemble the unit and test for proper operation. 

Call or email us with your model and date requirements. 

** Some non wear parts such as armatures, end covers, and field coils may be extra cost on a direct drive starter. I have tons of spare parts for gear reduction starters but parts can be hard to come by for the direct drive starters.
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