About Us:
Chuck and Chris Alaniz each spent over 30 years in Engineering at Chrysler.  Chuck graduated from Chrysler's Motech Automotive Education Center in 1975.  He spent several years working as a mechanic (yes, actually got his hands dirty) in dealerships, engine shops, GM Hydramatic, and finally at Chrysler, before going to college to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering.  During that time, he gained extensive powertrain and vehicle diagnostic experience.  Chris started her career at Chrysler working in various development labs, design departments and then Engineering management.  She also spent three years at New Venture Gear working on manual transmissions.  She is a Chrysler Institute of Engineering graduate with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from U of M and a MBA from Michigan State.  Her engineering and management experience include transmissions, engines, electrical systems, material science and whole vehicle systems.  She has also been known to get her hands dirty rebuilding engines, manual transmissions, heater boxes, steering columns and various other mechanical systems.

We are both avid "Mopar" fans.  We have accumulated a few early '70's vintage "Mopar" vehicles of our own over the years that we have restored and like to work on in our spare time.  We have also helped many friends with their projects.  After we both retired from Chrysler, we decided to offer our service and expertise to those that perhaps have no spare time to work on their "pride and joy" or just need some help.  We have the capability to do most anything from minor repairs, engine or transmission rebuilds to partial or even complete vehicle restorations. 

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